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Professional Painting & Decorating Services in London

With over 15 years of international experience in the professional painting decorating industry, we specialize in high quality interior decorating, exterior painting, renovation and restoration. We put lots of attention to all aspects of painting decorating process:

PROTECTION: removing small items e.g. pictures, mirrors; covering big items e.g. beds, wardrobes; covering floors with plastic or paint drop sheets; masking: door handles, electrical switches and sockets.

PREPARATION the most important process to achieve the top standards quality: washing the grease surfaces; sanding; scraping the peeling paint; filling cracks and gaps; skimming the surfaces to give a beautiful smooth finish to rough or uneven plaster; removing stains.

PAINTING: at least two coats of paint with double-checking the surface quality between coats.

CLEANING - disposing all of rubbish; general cleaning; putting all the items back - our goal is to leave the place even cleaner than when we arrived.

Reforming your home can come in handy to renew energies, change the routine and undertake new life dynamics. You can change the distribution of your furniture or add new details. However, the easiest way to decorate your house in no time and yet create an impacting transformation involves taking advantage of the effect produced by colors and shapes. Let your marvelous escort London provide you a few ideas as original as simple that will completely change the image of your residence.

Undoubtedly, painting your home will give you a sense of absolute renewal, but first you must be clear about the tones that most match the style and decoration of your house. In addition, there are shades that become fashionable on each season. Your fabulous escort will share with you some tips that will help you to discover the nicest colors that will make your residence look great.

Before choosing the color to paint your house, you must consider some details. For instance, the final result must be consistent with all the spaces. The chosen color should be able to create a perfect contrast with the furniture and decorative style of your residence. There are many options to choose from, and, as your striking escorts will explain you, not all colors are used for all spaces. Therefore, you have to learn to assess the features of each room. You should think about what you want it to convey and consider furniture and decoration that will be complemented by the painting. It is true that there are fashionable colors that can be used to paint a floor or the corridor walls, but if your furniture or decoration does not fit with them, all your efforts will be useless. For instance, your dazzling escort will tell you that you should never use dark colors on narrow spaces or they will look even smaller. It is also handy to take into consideration some aspects of the psychology of color, especially when it comes to choosing the shades for bedrooms. Such concepts can provide you clear clues about the most adequate tones helping you to filter your choices. There are lighter and colder colors that favor tranquility. There are also other shades that provide energy and stimulate creativity. Depending on the use you are going to give a room, your gorgeous ladies from the Escort Directory will recommend you to use one or the other.

Original ideas that will help you to enhance the appearance of your home

Once you choose the shades for your home, you can play with shapes in order to create a stimulating environment. As your delightful escorts will tell you, terrestrial tones can be used to enhance the warmth and comfort of a room. On the other hand, if you want to make a difference but using a single color for the horizontal strip, you can resort to the strategy of incorporating small details. For instance, painting a perimeter plinth with a striking color will give the room a more vivid appearance. Your amazing escort will even encourage you to go one step further and to paint with the same shade any element that you find along the wall.

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